AQUA LUNG Hot Shot Fin

$165.00 $74.25

The Aqua Lung Hot Shot fins are great for travelers and adventurers alike.

Adjustable Fins Sizing Chart

S 2.5 - 63 - 635 - 39
R6.5 - 96 - 940 - 43
XL9.5 - 11.59.5 - 11.544 - 47
FA162 , ,

The Aqua Lung Hot Shot fins are great for travelers and adventurers alike.

They are compact and weigh only 1.5kg (for a medium) making them lightweight and easy to stash in your suitcase. The Hotshot fin can be worn with bare feet as they are super comfy and soft against bare skin.

The self adjusting strap is buckle free and a mid flex foot joint means the blade is attached to the side of the foot pockets rather than at the front to prevent over extension of toes and ankles. This transfers power from the leg to the fin more easily.


  • Foot pocket is soft and comfortable
  • Can be worn with neoprene socks or thin-soled boots for thermal protection
  • Compact and Light Weight
  • Mid-Foot Flex Joint provides forward thrust of that of a fin with 30% more length
  • Silicone slings/Power Bands load with energy during the power stroke which is then released prior to the upstroke
  • Gear shift allows diver to choose the best speed-to effort ratio; Divers can change gear settings while wearing the fins
  • Semi rigid customized technopolymer blade for spring effect and flexibility to maximize thrust.
  • Anti-slip rubber pads on the bottom of fin keep divers safe on boat deck
  • Grooves along inside bottom of foot pocket prevent foot from being vacuum-sealed in foot pocket making doffing easy
  • Power bands are protected on the bottom to prevent contact with the ground

6 months warranty upon purchased

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