Dive computers are sensitive electronic devices and they endure a lot of abuse. It is important to remember that Dive Computers are precision devices. We need to care for them appropriately to ensure a long life.

Below are some tips on how to properly take good care of your dive computers:

Thoroughly rinse with fresh water – It is imperative that we should rinse in fresh water after every use. The best is to do this in distilled drinking water. Leave it in there for an hour if possible before taking it out. If you can’t, rinse it and then when you get home put it in a water bath over night!

Keep in mind, the longer the better. Think about the metal contacts, buttons and the depth sensor. The metal contacts and buttons are exposed to dirt, sunscreen, build up from salt and other deposits.

Prolonged NO-DIVE periods – Soak your dive computer at least once a week in distilled water over-night or for a couple of hours. Doing this twice a week would even be better 😊.

Did you ever wonder why Dive-Pro’s computers usually last longer compared to recreational computers (only used during vacations)? The reason is because the sensor is constantly wet and has no time to dry out. Dive computers are electronical precision devices and sensors are sensitive. Keep them wet and clean for a long life time.

Protect from direct sunlight, heat and chemicals – Keep in mind all these factors can affect the computer seals/o-ring’s. Avoid leaving your computer exposed to the sun on the boat or let it cook in your car. Heat is the number one enemy of electronical devices, store it in a dry and cool place!

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