Nudibranch and Sea Slug Identification 2nd Edition

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This book illustrates 2,138 Indo-Pacific opisthobranchs, including many un-described species. With the evolution of chemical defenses and the loss of the shell, came the evolution of the bright color patterns that are the signature of nudibranch diversity; vivid colors advertise the presence of toxicity or distastefulness. All of this beauty and color is on full display in 2,500 photographs on 452 pages.

Three leading Scientific experts on nudibranchs and sea slugs (Terrence Gosliner, Angel Valdes and David Behrens) have collaborated to produce this beautiful field guide for divers.

After only three years, Nudibranch and Sea Slug Identification – Indo-Pacific 1st Edition has sold out and become outdated due to the discovery of new species and numerous changes to the taxonomy of these organisms. This second, updated and reorganized edition, includes 185 new species. Among other features, the new edition includes additional photographs, an identification key, and an up-to-date classification.




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