MP Chronos

$26.38 $11.87


The brand MP has released a modern version of the “Swedes”, designed for regular training. From the classic starting points it is distinguished by several features:

This model uses the patented Geoplex lens technology, which provides an excellent view in all directions without distortion.

Especially for a more comfortable fit and comfort during long training sessions, something like a small obturator is added to the classical design – the edge of each lens at the place of fitting to the face is covered with a layer of sophitil.

The jumper can be adjusted to within millimeter.

Like all other brand models, Chronos glasses have a handy, easily adjustable strap.

Geoplex Technology

The special geometry and optical properties of Geoplex lenses increase the front, bottom and side view.

– Correction of optical water distortions due to Geoplex technology (patent application).
– Good front view thanks to a flat, precisely oriented front surface of the lens.
– Increased lower view due to the specially bent lower part of the lens (patented).
– Cylindrical lens shape provides an enhanced lateral view.

Characteristics of Chronos:

  • Anatomical shape of the lens with anti-fog coating.
  • Polycarbonate lenses.
  • 100% protection against ultraviolet radiation of spectrum A and B.
  • Adjustable nasal jumper.
  • The model is approved by the International Swimming Federation FINA
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